The Quinta da Ferreira de Baixo project accrues from the search of bring-ing back childhood memories, part of them linked to the land. Impressed by the ravishing beauty of the place, we acquired the Quinta in 2007 and, from then on, we began to embody the idea of adapting and shaping this admirable space to our essence, not deviating from the primary objective of producing and, thus, making it possible to enjoy high quality wines, an attribute of the region, but imbued with a very special affection. Our wines, born in a unique terroir, are accompanied with the greatest care from the vine to the vinification, made with minimal intervention, which generates wines of excellence, with a very own identity and without artifice, with re-spect for their land and people, reconciled with their origin and nature.

wines of excellence, with a very own identity and without artifice

Winemaking philosophy

Quinta da Ferreira de Baixo has created an identity and presents excellence in viticulture, producing high quality wines, in harmony with environmentally friendly phytosanitary protection processes. The vineyard is accompanied by integrated production practices, safeguarding biological and toxicological aspects.

The interventions in the winery follow a minimalist philosophy and careful handling to fully capture the potential of the raw material, producing wines with personality.


Our goal is the production of “Quinta Wines” that represent the sub-region (Baixo Corgo) where the quinta is located, respecting the terroir and the grape varieties as much as possible and producing wines of great quality and with different personalities.

Our History


Buying the Vineyard Farm

MARCO 3 wines are the corollary of a common project by Georgina Tomé and Luís Verdelho, a couple who were hopelessly dazzled by the charms of the Demarcated Wine Region of Douro and who, since 2007, when acquiring the property, have been reconciling their Lisbon life, connected to mathematics education and medicine, with the gradual growth of a vineyard cherished under their orientation.



First production



House Reconstruction



Starting the DOC Wines

The Douro quickly took over their lives and, currently vitiviniculture is already the main occupation of Georgina Tomé, who in the meantime deepened her knowledge in this area, with a Master's degree in Oenology and Viticulture at the University of Trás os Montes and Alto Douro (UTAD) which she attended from 2017 to 2019.

The successful completion of the Curricular Units that make up the curriculum of this Master Degree earned her the certification of Associate Degree in Oenology and Viticulture, but most importantly it prompted the motivation for the large investment that was hence made concerning the improvement of viticultural practices for the production of high quality grapes, as well as for winemaking processes. At the winery, the experience and dedication of the winemaker Francisco Gonçalves, who became part of the team, and who, following a minimalist philosophy associated with careful handling of the grapes for maximum capture of the potential of the involved grape varieties, contributed decisively to the excellence and personality of the wines that we now present.



Marco 3
DOC Douro


Quinta Ferreira de Baixo

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